Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Eyebrow Threading to Enhance Beauty

Eyebrows which are perfectly shaped with elegant look enhance the beauty and make the face glowing. Properly maintained eyebrows play major role in transforming ones face completely but it should be done keeping the shape of the face in mind. If you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes give importance to your eyebrows. Ambber Esthetics which is popularly known for providing the best eyebrow threading services in Calgary is going to share the advantages of eyebrow threading.

Advantage of eyebrow threading

Ø  Unlike plucking where the hair grow quite speedily, eyebrow threading is a more gentle process and the hair doesn’t grow rapidly. The eyebrow hair takes around a week or more to grow and get visible.
Ø  If you are going to have it first time then don’t need to worry at all as it doesn’t leave any prominent mark. It is because eyebrow threading is a process that pulls off hairs from the roots that’s why the surface stays clean. While during plucking some traces are left visible on the face.

Ø  When it comes to eyebrow threading, the hair re-growth process is absolutely fine. It has been found that after plucking the re-growth of new hair is quite hard but that is not simply the case with eyebrow threading.

Ø  If you are passionately looking for a place where you can have the cost-effective and best eyebrow threading in Calgary, keep Ambber Esthetics in mind. J


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