Monday, 27 July 2015

Major Reasons Why Spa Customers Don’t Come Back

For spa owners the worst part is when a customer never appear again in their spa after letting down their expectations. Because a client has number of hopes from the salon while they enter your doors and if those expectations are broken then be very sure that no one is going to come again.
Don’t forget that customers are coming with a belief that they will obtain extraordinary treatments and leave with a sentiment of rejuvenation. However, when a client experience failure below his expectations, be ready not only to lose a particular client, but also others will never prefer your spa because of the negative feedback.
Here are major causes why clients never return again to the same salon:
Booking Process
The first experience a client has is by phone. Let's suppose your spa is a busy place and the staff is busy too, but the client calling shouldn't know that. Impatient, hasty staff is a certain way to deliver a bad impression. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your valuable appointments looking for professional spa services and want to serve clients well, then invest in a telephone system that will guide clients through the booking process and have proper on-hold messages that inform about necessary changes and your spa location.
Unprofessional/Rude Staff
Nothing can make a client’s unhappy than an offensive and immoral staff. We are talking about useless conversations between staff, complains about work or private life, using cell phones during labor time, being unresponsive to client requests, not following company rules for service, violent language - the list can include many more. Therefore it is necessary to give staff proper trainings and education to agree on company protocols and expectations.
There are a lot of more reasons behind but these two were the main causes of losing customers from coming back to avail spa treatments in Calgary.


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